"The water goes into the shoe."

Translation:Bemegy a víz a cipőbe.

August 2, 2016

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Why do some of the sentences in this lesson have the be- prefix before or after the verb and others don't have it at all?


Yep, wanted to ask exactly the same thing. Just two sentences before we got "az étterembe nem megyunk" ; why not "az étterembe nem megyunk be" ?


'az étterembe nem megyünk'- we do not go to the restaurant (context: we are at home and arguing where we should go)

'az étterembe nem megyünk be'- we do not enter the restaurant (context: we are standing near to the entry of the restaurant and arguing if we should get inside the building itself or not)

So the 'be' prefix always modifies the original meaning a little so that it will refer more strongely for an actual direction


If "az étterembe nem megyünk" means "we do not go to the restaurant," then why is there a "be" ending on "étterem?" Doesn't that mean "into the restaurant?"


The sentence "az étterembe nem megyünk" refers to a general meaning, so no, the 'be' suffix does not mean 'into'. I am not sure if I can explain it why but you have to use twice 'be' (1 prefix, 1 suffix) if you would like to say that you enter or go into the place.

Another example:

'Soha többé nem megyünk abba az étterembe'

'we won't go to that restaurant any more'


Let me be the third to ask this very question. :) Thanks...


Do Hungarians really use the verb "to go" for all of these meanings in these excercises here? It feels a bit strange for my ears, that water 'goes' somewhere. Same for my previous sentence where the busses went somewhere...


Yes, it's quite common. Water can 'go' into your shoe in Hugnarian, or you can say your shoe is getting "flooded in" - "Beázik a cipőm". And it can mean both or only one of your shoes.


Thanks BoVeKa I asked it 11 Months of daily learning Hungarian ago. And it still sounds strange to me that objects can go somewhere. In German only people or animals can go. But I'll keep this in mind and will use it with more self-confidence next time :-) Thanks


You are welcome. I saw you asked it 11 mths ago and having 532 days of stream I was pretty sure you were still interested :) Well done you not giving up learning, Hungarian is rather difficult.


But a super interesting and pretty cool language. <3

I am German. And someday I want to be able to talk to my best friend in his language, instead of English as we do now.


In german you would use the verb "laufen" in this sentence, which is pretty close to the hungarian translation in my opinion

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