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Official Unofficial DuoLingo Discord™

Hey guys, so a few months ago, I started a Discord Channel for DuoLingo Language Learners to all get together, chat, and practice languages together! I've already made posts about this a few times before, but it's gotten alot of updates since then! I've grown quite the community already, we're nearing 60 Members! You can text chat, or voice chat with people! This is one of the greatest and nicest communities I've seen! Everyone feels welcome! We'd love to have you join us!

Link: https://discord.gg/G2kpndH

August 2, 2016



I joined and was disappointed.

The mods were unhelpful and when I asked for info they replied in expletives. I hope it is an one off (maybe they had a bad day?), and I would not like to discourage other ppl from joining, but personally I'm done with this channel.

I have been using discord daily for over six months, run a couple of servers of my own, and joined dozens of others. Still, I've never met with anything similar.


Yeah, I got banned for telling someone to shove a stick up his...place...after he had been harassing me for hours. This server is full of uncoordinated snowflakes, and it's a shame, cuz it had great potential. So far, it is literally the ONLY Discord from which I've been banned.


Thank you for the feedback. I don't know why the moderators would've treated you poorly, they know better than that. I'll bring this up with the moderators, and encourage them not to take out their bad days on people who join this server in the future. :)


Thanks for posting this!


I got banned just for pinging Turkish Native and for making some statements please revoke my ban under no circumstances. EnglishTurk#5039


Awesome! Thanks for sharing this!!!


I've been haraced and insulted by a kid. Got banned for saying "8 year old kid".....

Would be nice if some justice was established : #4782 I'll be really thankful for revoking my ban. I find this type of thing anormal.


Sounds interesting. I will see it.


dont join this server if you like memes. you will get banned eventually


Also, don't join if you have a differing political opinion. You will be banned eventually.


You're the greatest meme Zuvium


the admins banned me and a bunch of other people for saying that they unfairly muted us for a week when we didnt break any of their rules dont join this server


Same, do not ever join back, they are very cruel and unjust.


I cant even if i wanted to.. if you want me and all the other ppl who got banned have a new server now. DadbJ3B . ps we were even the most active members on the server. they muted us before they banned us and the server became a desert instantly lmao


I got banned for finishing trees. I am called cheater for no reason and banned. Do not ever join this server or you may get banned for no reason :) Worst server out here.


Holy ❤❤❤❤. I looking for a duo server to help me with the languages I learning, I'm glad this site popped up in the google search as well so I can avoid that server. Jeez, so many negative review telling the same...


it's not good server the staff is genuinely horrible....... they guy who made this original thread isnt even on staff anymore


Hello, this discord is already open ?

And, it's open for lean all language ? How function your servor ?


[deactivated user]

    Listen please I want a loft of the discord please, I promise not to make jokes again and I recognize my mistake, thanks for read my comment.


    me too bro or sister


    That is absolutely awesome. Thanks!

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