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"Désolé, ça ne va pas être possible."

Translation:Sorry, it will not be possible.

February 2, 2013



I spelled sorry with an extra e because I am a woman and it was counted wrong


Ignore me probably...

I believe it's being used as an interjection here, which is invariant of gender.

If you use it as an adjective (i.e. "je suis désolée") then you would be correct, but I think here it needs to be "Désolé"

Where I'm getting that from: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/d%C3%A9sol%C3%A9


It is the first time that I hear that "désolé" would become an interjection...


Is that website incorrect? It's an English site, so it's bound to have mistakes.

In writing I typically see "Je suis désolé[e] de XYZ", but can it not be used as an interjection?


It is mentioned as an interjection on the page you suggested in the same kind of sentence as this one above, but what I mean is that instinctively, for a woman apologizing, I would write "Désolée, ça ne va pas être possible" because she is the one to be sorry, it means "I am sorry" or "je suis désolée" - it is just shorter.


How come there is no audible liaison between "pas" and "être"? This often seems to be the case in the audio, and I'm trying to get pronunciation correct as well as vocabulary, spelling and grammar.


I answered "Sorry that is not going to be possible." which I think is actually more accurate, but was marked wrong. duolingo ignored the "va". Am missing something?


I answered the same, and it was also marked incorrect. Can someone please explain why my answer is not correct, whereas the "Sorry, it will not be possible" is correct? Would not Ça ne sera pas être possible a more accurate translation of the "correct" answer?


"Ça ne sera pas être possible" is incorrect because you added "sera" (will be) and "être" (to be). Remember that the French future is a simple tense which does not use an auxiliary.


I understand why my suggested rewrite is incorrect - être should be omitted, but I don’t understand why the translation “Sorry, that is not going to be possible” was marked incorrect, whereas “Sorry that will not be possible” is the answer given.


"Sorry, that is not going to be possible" is an accepted translation. You probably had a typo somewhere.

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