"I kiss you."


August 2, 2016

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Megcsókollak - is not really covered very well here. This is apparently the ending used when the target is "you". There should be a whole lesson on this, but there isn't!

Látlak - I see you
Várlak - I wait for you.
Nézlek - I am watching you.


Add to it that the subject is "I".
And the clue: the suffix has an "L" in it.


Why do we need to add meg in that verb and not in others , like latom . I can't understand


These additions alter the meaning.

Látlak - I see you, in general, for example, i am on the second floor window and we are talking on the phone and i tell you that i see you in the crowd.
Meglátlak - It is more about, i just caught sight of you, like i am driving, and i suddenly see you.

Nézlek... I am sitting here and I am watching you as you cook and i am learning from it.
Megnézlek... hm... If we are talking and you are telling me that you will have a performance in the theater, then i can say, sure, i will go and watch you in the theater (megnézlek a színházban).


Why is this the answer?


Hmm, could you elaborate your problem a bit more?


does the meg part of the word indicate that it will happen in the future? or can meg indicate something will happen in the future?


The meg- prefix usually denotes that an act is finalised. If you're familiar with the principle of aspects, it'll help a bit. Meg- puts a verb basically in the finshed aspect, meaning it puts focus on that one kiss instead of referring to kisses I give you in general. It's a bit complicated and I don't understand it fully yet as well (I'm not a native), but I can give you an example to give you an idea of what meg- does:
ért - to understand; megért - to comprehend, to grasp a concept.

So megcsókollak pretty much means that I'm going to full-on kiss you and not just because that's what I usually do. The English translation, though, leaves some room for interpretation, and just csókollak is a valid answer as well.


Wow! Thanks for the explanation. It is helpful.


What about megpuszílak?


The proper form would be "Megpuszillak" (the base verb is puszil ). It may be closer to "nuzzling", but it should be acceptable as well.


Okay I do not know this verb but shouldn't it have om as the conjugation ending?


If the subject is "I" and the object is "you", then the verb takes a special ending -lek / -lak.


I put csokolok..which is of course wrong (but close!!) It was marked correct but with a typo csókolom..and then here on the discussion page, the correct answer above is Megcsókollak. I'm confused


"Csókolom." is a greeting, usually by children or younger people to adults. So that is one possible translation.
The other is the more literal translation, "megcsókollak", "megpuszillak", etc.


I hear old men say that to young women

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