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"I kiss you."


August 2, 2016



Megcsókollak - is not really covered very well here. This is apparently the ending used when the target is "you". There should be a whole lesson on this, but there isn't!

Látlak - I see you
Várlak - I wait for you.
Nézlek - I am watching you.


Add to it that the subject is "I".
And the clue: the suffix has an "L" in it.


Why is this the answer?


Hmm, could you elaborate your problem a bit more?


does the meg part of the word indicate that it will happen in the future? or can meg indicate something will happen in the future?


The meg- prefix usually denotes that an act is finalised. If you're familiar with the principle of aspects, it'll help a bit. Meg- puts a verb basically in the finshed aspect, meaning it puts focus on that one kiss instead of referring to kisses I give you in general. It's a bit complicated and I don't understand it fully yet as well (I'm not a native), but I can give you an example to give you an idea of what meg- does:
ért - to understand; megért - to comprehend, to grasp a concept.

So megcsókollak pretty much means that I'm going to full-on kiss you and not just because that's what I usually do. The English translation, though, leaves some room for interpretation, and just csókollak is a valid answer as well.


Wow! Thanks for the explanation. It is helpful.


Okay I do not know this verb but shouldn't it have om as the conjugation ending?


If the subject is "I" and the object is "you", then the verb takes a special ending -lek / -lak.


What about megpuszílak?


The proper form would be "Megpuszillak" (the base verb is puszil ). It may be closer to "nuzzling", but it should be acceptable as well.


I put csokolok..which is of course wrong (but close!!) It was marked correct but with a typo csókolom..and then here on the discussion page, the correct answer above is Megcsókollak. I'm confused


"Csókolom." is a greeting, usually by children or younger people to adults. So that is one possible translation.
The other is the more literal translation, "megcsókollak", "megpuszillak", etc.

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