"Ja nie znam tego psa."

Translation:I do not know this dog.

August 2, 2016

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So, do noun endings after negated verbs only noticeably change with feminine nouns?

Ex: Koszulę --- Koszuli,
Psa ---- Psa


What you have here, is that you had a sentence that took Accusative, and then after negating, it takes Genitive. It is very common, but if a different case is negated, the case just stays. Negated Genitive is Genitive, negated Instrumental is Instrumental, etc.

I think masculine animate nouns have (mostly) an identical Genitive and Accusative form, so does masculine personal plural, but mostly it's different.


Also one back 'that' was accepted for 'tego' but now it is strictly 'this'?


Added "that".


I thought "that" was "tamtego" ?


Polish and English words have different distance. Polish has ten, ten ,tamten English has this, that that

About why here are some explanations:

https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13490111$comment_id=13492303 https://www.duolingo.com/comment/14767501$comment_id=14771163


I need someone to speak polish and explain me more about grammer


dlaczego psa = ps a?


The audio is bad, it shouldn't sound like that. Polish doesn't really surprise with its pronunciation, it's almost always obvious from how it's written.


Thanks for clearing that up... I was really beginning to wonder if I was going crazy hearing all the "psa"s and "psy"s on here sounding like [psʔa] and [psʔɨ]


Yeah, out of all problems with TTS, this is probably the worst.


what does genitive mean? All the questions I have about this topic are answered in the comments of them but all the answers require knowing what genitive means so I'm lost


The system rejected "i do not know this dog". Normally it does not care if I leave out punctuation and don't capitalize. I would upload a screen snap shot showing that's how I entered it if I could. Also in this module it reject "don't" and wanted "do not". Normally it accepts that.


Why do we need the pronoun "ja" here, but not in previous sentences?


Both versions are possible:

  • Nie znam tego psa - neutral statement
  • Ja nie znam tego psa - emphasis on the pronoun.



I can't be the only person to think this doesn't sound like what she is saying? There is an S sound between Ja & Nie.


I don't hear it. But then there's the issue with "psa" being pronounced like "ps-a" by the female voice, which is probably the worst pronunciation problem in this course. I disabled the audio exercises.


Why not "tej" instead of "tego"? It is a negative sentence.


Both 'tego' and 'tej' are genitive, however, the latter doesn't fit here because it's a feminine pronoun, but 'pies' is masculine.


My answer: nie znam tego psa. Why my answer incorrect???


Your answer looks perfect.

So there are two options: the most common is that you answered perfectly in the comment but during the exercise you actually made some error (even just a typo). The second is that there was some bug which caused your answer to be rejected, but we'd need a report and/or a screenshot to figure that out.

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