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"Oglądamy nasz pokój w hotelu."

Translation:We are checking out our room in the hotel.

August 2, 2016



my dad will definitely examine the hotel room for dust and cleanliness, not a strange sentence in our family hahah


Strange discussion... "We are having/taking a look at our hotel room" seems to be the most suitable translation to me (as a non-native English speaker).


Yes, those also work.


Shouldn't "We are viewing our room in the hotel" be accepted?


Or at least 'we are looking at...'


When we come across these ae just need to report what we think is a correct answer that should be accepted :) reported now


This sentence and other with "oglądać" are a bit problematic... generally "oglądać" is mostly used with watching TV, watching a movie etc. Here... 'examining' is a strange translation, but we haven't found a better one. 'looking at' actually works, although normally that's "patrzeć"... "viewing"... I don't know, it seems unusual to me...


Can you try to explain what's the actual meaning of the polish sentence? When or for what exactly would one use it? Is it to just have a first look at the hotel room, checking if you like it or if it suits you? Or is it the inspection for faults or dirt you want to be dealt with before you move in? Or simply like getting to know the room, see how many beds are there and where the bathroom is and the like when you are taking residency?


Theoretically all three could work, the 'inspection' one is the least likely in my opinion.

"we are viewing" may be a good answer as well, probably better but I'm not exactly sure.


With the resurgence of bed bugs. I always examine hotel rooms before unpacking my suitcases.


what would be a better way to say "we are examining our hotel room" in Polish? would you use zbadać?


I mean, the Polish sentence is fine, it's just surprisingly difficult to translate naturally. "zbadać" would sound as if you were some kind of lab scientist working for the police at the crime scene. Although I'm not sure if it would work even then.


We are examining our hotel room - Sprawdzamy nasz pokój w hotelu

We are viewing/We are looking at
(taking a look at) our hotel room -
Oglądamy nasz pokój w hotelu

We are checking in... - Zajmujemy...
We are checking out... - Opuszczamy...


as a native a would NEVER use "examine" in this sentence. "we are looking at" is much better. you can examine a crime scene not a hotel room


How would Polish differentiate between "checking out" and "checking out of" a hotel room? Are they as similarly phrased as in English? My guess is that they wouldn't be.


"To check out of" means "wymeldować się z". Using the verb oglądać in this context wouldn't make any sense whatsoever, since it only means see, watch, view, look at.


Thanks -- different phrases are used as I had been thinking.


This is a poor translation. Oglandamy means we are checking, 'checking out' is an Americanism and certainly a stretch in this context. The Owl strikes again.


Checking would be sprawdzamy. "Checking out" is a far better translation.

How can there be "Americanisms" in an AmE-based course?


I don't know about americanisms, but I feel also like "checking" should be enough and it shouldn't necessarily be "checking out"


Maybe "checking" is indeed enough, this "oglądamy" here is in fact more or less "sprawdzamy", and the sentence is a bit problematic anyway... ok, added.


Oglądamy to nie to samo co sprawdzamy . Nie mozna tego tak tłumaczyć


Jest duży problem z tym zdaniem. Moim zdaniem polskie zdanie jest zupełnie naturalne, ale ciężko przełożyć je na angielski, no bo na pewno nie działa dosłowne "watching". Uznaliśmy, że "checking" (oglądamy, by zobaczyć jak ono wygląda = sprawdzamy, jak ono wygląda) jest względnie blisko.


"we are checking out of our hotel room". I got tricked here :(. Personally, I would be more likely to check out of a hotel room at the end of my stay, than to check the hotel room out at the start of my stay. Must concentrate on what you're asking!


ogladamy is 'we examine'?


No, oglondamy is "we are watching" this application has some very bad translations.


Never heard of it...


I am confused now, the boss is viewing a new office, I am watching the animals and we are examining our hotel room. Only viewing, examining and looking work!


What can I say, this verb doesn't translate easily into English.


From the discussion above, it sounds to me like "checking out" is a good translation in this scenario - perhaps the most likely. We're having a look at the hotel room to make sure its suitable/up to standards - We're checking out our hotel room.

I know its a bit more colloquial but it seems the most accurate... Unless I'm wrong, in which case it doesnt ;)


The trouble with checking out is that it also can be interpreted as leaving the hotel and paying the bill


Yes you could say "I'm checking out" to mean leaving but "I'm checking out our room" can only mean looking it over. If you wanted to say you were leaving the room you'd need to say "I'm checking out of our room". It's a subtle difference and I'm prepared to admit the phrase might (unbeknownst to me) be used differently in different parts of the English speaking world but at least here "checking out" and "checking out of" have distinct meanings.


But that would be "checking out of" rather than "checking out"


Not necessarily, "I am checking out" "When are you checking out" etc


Sounds fine to me, added. If the word doesn't translate easily, than I'm fine with 'a bit more colloquial'.


Hi, if "checking out" works, isn't "inspecting" a probable choice as well? I mean to inspect something can definitely mean to check something out, maybe for dirt or even just for the interior and minibar...


It makes sense, it's just not something people say, at least in my experience, unless you are a Room Inspector, whatever that is. If we don't say it, it's hard to argue for it as a translation.


I was corrected from "we are viewing" to "we we're viewing"!


Wooops! Fixed now, thanks.


The sentence: "Oglądamy nasz pokój w hotelu." does not specify WHY "oglądamy", so the following forms should be accepted: viewing =watching=examining=looking at. Być może lubimy patrzeć na nasz pokój hotelowy, a może oglądamy nasz pokój ponieważ nam się podoba, a może oglądamy ten pokój, aby go sprawdzić przed wprowadzeniem lub wyprowadzeniem się?


"We're watching our room in the hotel", as a being native this is one of the only translations that make sense, someone explain why my translation was marked incorrectly


See hwodzak's comment above; 'watching' only makes sense if you're a detective/spy/person being spied upon who is hiding elsewhere and watching to see who goes into your room in your absence. Unless, I suppose, you were hallucinating in the room and watching it change colour and shape around you. Or something like that.


I guess the thing is that in English you watch something moving or that you anticipate moving- so you'd only watch a hotel room in very specific circumstances (as mentioned above). As the sentence is out of context I agree that several translations are possible but maybe "look at" is most neutral.


Nicely put.


It rejected my answer "We are checking our room out in the hotel". As far as I know it is the same as the proposed answer. Phrasal verbs are normally split in English


This is a strange sentence in English, because "checking out of" a hotel room means paying the bill and leaving. The missing "of" theoretically changes the meaning, but even if I heard this from a native speaker I'd still think it's more likely they meant "checking out of" and just didn't say it perfectly.

I think "inspecting" or "examining" would be better words to use in the English sentence to avoid misunderstandings.


"Inspecting" and "examining" imply a level of thoroughness that's incongruous with the situation.

It doesn't appear that there's a good grammatically similar translation here. "Checking out" implies that you're taking a cursory look to make sure it's suitable and is a widely used phrase.

English being English, we also use "check out" to describe the place in a shop where you pay. Well, we do in the UK. I don't know about other international Englishes.


"We are looking over our room in the hotel" was not accepted. "To check out" and "To look over" are synonyms.


OK, added.


why not 'we watch our room in the hotel'?


I don't believe that makes much sense semantically...


It could work if you were a detective, watching the room from a hiding place ;)


We are checking out = my sprawdzamy . We are watching = oglądany


Zasadniczo tak. Oglądamy telewizję, film, itd.

Ale w tym zdaniu "we are watching" oznaczałoby raczej, że obserwujemy pokój przez lornetki...

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