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  5. "זה בתוך הקופסה הסגולה."

"זה בתוך הקופסה הסגולה."

Translation:It is inside the purple box.

August 2, 2016



"This is in the purple box" perhaps ?

(or does that miss some nuance or distinction in בתוך ?)


Is there a difference in English?


Not here, I think. Some distributional difference. You probably wouldn't see 'inside Africa' very much. Choosing between 'in' and 'inside' is probably a decision to slightly increase the emphasis on enclosure.

But something can be either in or inside a box without real shift in implication. I wondered whether there was stronger choice in Hebrew between בתוך and something else - perhaps implying tighter or more complete enclosure – perhaps to the point of invisibility or something ?

(If not I would probably suggest accepting in here)


The difference between in and inside is roughly the same as the difference between ב and בתוך.

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