"It is getting cold outside, so I am taking a coat."

Translation:מתקרר בחוץ, אז אני לוקחת מעיל.

August 2, 2016

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Using לכן in place of אז here would sound too formal and written ?

( Or לכן has a slightly different meaning/use ? )


It would be too formal and written, that's true. Whether the meaning would be slightly different? - I feel that it would be very slightly different, but I'm not sure all native speakers would agree.


As a native speaker לכן ואז Dont really have different meanings It just feels different because אז comes when there is an expression of time as well , so its more of a 'its getting colder now so im taking a couat' And לכן is more 'because its getting colder im getting a coat


Yup. My question too.


Is there a reason for the word order? Why מתקרר בחוץ and not בחוץ מתקרר?


I also have a question regarding the word order. Why not בחוץ מתקרר? I think it should also be counted as correct.


I agree. It should be accepted.


מתקרר בחוץ אז אני לובש מעיל Can we translate in this context


That answer probably was not accepted, because taking is different from wearing.

Just imagine a child who is told to take a jacket with her when she goes outside in warm weather; she might honestly say she’s taking a jacket, but that doesn’t mean she’s planning to wear it.

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