"Is this game easier?"

Translation:Czy ta gra jest łatwiejsza?

August 2, 2016

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czy to jest latwiejsza gra? - can this not be accepted?


Would be accepted for "Is this an easier game?", but that's a different sentence.


Czy to łatwiejsza gra?


"Is this an easier game?"

Podmiotu zdania nie zmieniamy.


I have a similar question. Why do we need jest? When do we need jest, and when do we not need it in "To" sentences? To najdroższy podróż...is one of the exercises for example. Thanks dziękuję


You usually need "jest". Right now only three situations in which you commonly omit "jest" come to my mind:

  1. Short sentences built as "[This/That/It] is [noun phrase]", especially as an answer to "What is it?": "To (jest) pies" (This is a dog).

  2. Very short sentences built as "[This/That/It] is [adverb]", actually I think putting "jest" there would be wrong, or at least weird. "To świetnie!" (That's great!), "To źle" (That's bad).

  3. Questions "Where is/are [noun]?": "Gdzie (są) moje okulary?" (Where are my glasses?). However, omitting the verb here could make you sound... a bit rude and annoyed (I guess it also depends on your tone), so putting the verb there seems safer.

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