¿Durante o por?

¿Cuando se dice durante o por? Por ejemplo: "durante dos semanas" o "por dos semanas."

August 2, 2016


In your example, they are the same: "He estado enfermo por dos semanas" = "He estado enfermo por dos semanas" (I've been sick during two weeks).

I think they are the same when accompany time expressions. If "durante" precedes a situation, it cannot be replaced by "por": "Lo hice durante las vacaciones" =! "Lo hice por las vacaciones".

August 3, 2016

Durante is during and por is for. Does that help?

August 2, 2016

I already knew that, but I've been corrected for saying "por" instead of "durante."

August 3, 2016

In most contexts, both are correct, the exception being the example given by Chilotin, but I must say in Latin America we hardly ever use either to introduce a length of time, for example:

  • Vamos a estar en España dos semanas = We'll be staying in Spain for two weeks
  • Esperó veinte minutos = She waited for twenty minutes
  • Llevo viviendo aquí cinco años = I've been living here for five years
  • El espectáculo duró dos horas = The show lasted for two hours
  • Hago ejercicio cuatro horas diarias = I exercise for four hours a day
August 3, 2016


August 4, 2016
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