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  5. "I know the private road."

"I know the private road."

Translation:אני מכיר את הדרך הפרטית.

August 2, 2016



What's wrong with "אני מכירה את הדרך הפרטית"? It was rejected as a correct answer for the multiple choice question. Isn't it just a feminine answer?


Sounds correct to me you should report it.


Why is this wrong?

אני יודע את הדרך הפרטית.


Both are roads. According to Wiktionary, kvish is a road, a street, especially a highway.

Derech is (literally and figuratively) a road, a path, a way


what's the difference between מכיר and יודע?


Learning Hebrew too, but from what I've gathered:

Yodea is know/knowing (but only use this for people if one "knows" them biblically, or for their attributes, not the people themselves).

Makir is also know (but more recognise/ are acquainted with).


Why is פרטי wrong in this context? Could someone please help out.


Derech is female, so פרטית.


Wouldn't רחוב be acceptable as well?


In my opinion no, because רחוב is street. כביש however should be accepted (I don't know if it is).


And why is it incorrect to translate "I know" as "אני מכירה"? Is Duolingo only for male learners?


Was it a typo, or they rejected the sentence? If they rejected it, it means that you had more than one mistake. When there is one mistake, it usually counts it as a typo.

No, Duolingo is not just for male learners. It has many different sentences, sometimes insisting one one gender, otherwise insisting on the other. Don't read too much into it. It's just exercise.


The dictionary says דרך is both זכר ונקבה. Would הפרטי be wrong or is there a special rule regarding this word?


In modern Hebrew, it's only feminine, so only דרך פרטית is correct. In older forms of Hebrew it could be either feminine or masculine, but nevertheless feminine was always the more common gender.

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