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Technology, especially programming or web development

First some details: I'm a web developer and I'm at level 8 in Hebrew. I've done Pimsleur in the past for learning to speak Hebrew, but this course is really helping learn to read and write it.

If there's any other programmers in here:

Could someone share any Hebrew-language websites that teach HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or Python in Hebrew? I'd like to build up a technical vocabulary for my profession, if that's at all possible.

August 2, 2016



I'll do a quick search and see what comes up

[HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python] בעברית is my search. Btw I can't get the "בעברית" at the end xD (or beginning if read in Hebrew)

After the search: Apparently this website has some resources for those topics you are requesting:


add articles/[html,css,js]

and Python:


I can't tell you if there is everything covered, since my Hebrew level is not high enough to understand all the text[s].

Tell me if it was useful for you :)

(Btw, if you want to lern Html, Css, or Java in English, W3Schools is great)


Thank you, this is helpful.

I am a web developer now; I write HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for work - no need for W3Schools. I'd just like to learn the technical words in a new language.

My life goal is to get a software development job at an Israeli company. Some day.


That's a nice goal indeed, but I can also assure you that you can easily work in English in any technology company in Israel. Most of them are international.


Good luck! That is a very nice goal. :)

I also know quite a bunch of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but for sure less than you do haha. I just code for fun


just search for anything with some hebrew words like

שיעור מדריך חלק למתחילים

here's something that might intrest you..



that's awesome, the exact kind of thing I was hoping to find.

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