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  5. "החובשת מבצעת את ההחייאה."

"החובשת מבצעת את ההחייאה."

Translation:The medic performs CPR.

August 2, 2016



I cannot think of a context in which we would say "the CPR" instead of just "CPR" in English.


Haven't you heard? It's a new dance, called "the CPR".


Okay, I've got one: "When someone collapses, two people need to help. One should perform CPR while the other calls 911. After the ambulance arrives, the medic performs the CPR while the bystanders step back and hope for the best." :D


Excellent. When the CPR [event] is already introduced into the paragraph, it can be referred to this way!


I agree with DerGoldman, "the CPR" here might be technically grammatically correct but it still sounds unnatural.


I understand that some of the Hebrew sentences do not have audio. However this sentence DOES. Therefore when this same sentence is presented in English or in multiple choice and you go to the Discussion, the audio is not available to you...what is so hard about linking them? Also - why do you have to comment in order to hear the audio in a discussion? It should be automatically available even if there are no comments.


@Matthew_McCarty: Your statement puzzles me. How have you determined that posting a comment gets the audio added to the discussion page?

2020-08-22 rich739183


Yes. Missing audios are big trouble especially for beginners. I also do not understant Duolingo policy. No logic what so ever... :-(


Here's the audio for this sentence https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/16977240 Even if there is audio, we don't get it every time. I don't how why.


Your link is to this very same page.

2020-08-22 rich739183


הַחוֹבֶשֶׁת מְבַצַּעַת אֶת הַהַחְיָיאָה


Why a translation is The medic performs CPR and not The medic performs the CPR?


Zdeka, It's not said that way in English. You don't use "the" before CPR when you are talking about CPR itself.

If, for instance, you were talking about CPR class, you could say: The CPR textbook is really heavy. (Because "the" = the textbook, not "the" CPR).

You could also say I'm learning the proper technique for CPR. "The" = "the technique".


Thanks for an explanation.


Ha'choveshet mevatza'at et ha-hach'ya'a


Thank you for the transliteration. I'm finding that last word to be a mouthful. I think I need to practice it first without the initial ha- (the-).


החייאה - פעולה של להחיות מישהו

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