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Même vs pareil

Hello :-p

what is the difference between même & pareil ?? when would i use each of these words?? are they just 2 ways of saying the same thing because i cant find a good explanation of the difference anywhere

August 3, 2016



même = same | même que = same as

pareil = alike | pareil à = similar to, like

A more difficult question would be "pareil à" vs. "comme", which I'm not totally sure of.


It's sort of varying degrees of similarity:

Même= same (as you said) Pareil = equal/ equivalent, similar Comme = like

There's not a great difference between "comme" and "pareil". The latter is a little more formal.

Hope that helps!


C'est du pareil au même.


How is C'est different from C'est du? Couldn't i just say "C'est pareil au même"?


I believe it changes the part of speech. Using du makes pareil a noun. So basically it's either "It's the same" or "It's alike"

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