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  5. "Cái váy của bạn bao nhiêu?"

"Cái váy của bạn bao nhiêu?"

Translation:How much is your skirt?

August 3, 2016



So if 'bao nhiêu' is placed after the object, it is asking about cost? And before the object it is asking about quantity?

In the tips and notes giá is used with bao nhiêu to ask for price....but I haven't seen it used in the course yet.


This is an incorrect assumption. The meaning depends on the context of the sentence (and the main verb if there is one). In this sentence, you could swap the order and it would still mean "how much". (Just like in English, you can say "how much is your skirt?" or "your skirt is how much?")

Here, the subject is singular. Barring any main verb context, it would be awkward to mean "how many is your skirt?"


I put down "How much for your skirt?" and it was marked wrong.


That's really asking how much she would sell it to you for.


Exactly but if we were asking how much she paid for it we would use the past tense in English.


can it also means 'How many skirts of yours?'


I don't think so, the verb có is missing: Bạn có bao nhiêu cái (áo)?


Cái vãy giá bao nhiêu hợp hơn ADMIN


It sounds like the recording says "cáy váy HE của bạn bao nhiêu", like the word "he" is placed in the sentence.


I also hear like the sentence started by "t". Played again and again and a hear a t instead of a c


That is the way they pronounce the "y"


In a previous lesson bao nhiêu was used to ask how long is the skirt. So good question.


How much IS your skirt sounds like we want to buy it from you. We're more likely to ask how much was it?

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