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"Tôi cảm ơn bác thú y cứu những con giác cuối cùng của sở thú."

Translation:I thank the vet for saving the last rhinoceroses of the zoo.

August 3, 2016



the vietnamese or the english looks incorrect. they may not be reflecting the meaning of each other. If it is the last rhinos then there is only one. why is there a 'nhung con te giac'?


You are right, the English text should be the remaining rhinoceros instead of the last.


Isn't this a plural of rhinoceroses? "I thank the veterinarian because he saved the last rhinoceroses in the zoo"


"Rhinoceros" here is incorrect—it should be "rhinoceroses" because of the plural marker "những."


i had to check how to spell "rhinoceroses" in ENGLISH, lol!


You could not find a stupider sentence that this???


When choosing the words in Vietnamese for the sentence, it now pronounces each word when you choose it. When I choose "y" it says "y dài" instead of just y. That should be corrected.

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