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"The epoch"

February 2, 2013



i'm 29 years old and speak perfect english and the word "epoch" is practically foreign to me. they should replace it with something like "era" that is more common in everyday use. i realize it is easier to relate to "la época" but it's really odd choice of word to me.


As long as you know the word and know what it means, who cares how often you use it? Is it not equated with "era" and/or "eon" in your head anyway?


I teach English and if a student used the word "epoch" I would correct it, as I have never heard it used in English.


If you corrected it, you'd be incorrect. Epoch is, in fact, an English word regardless of whether you've ever heard it in your apparently limited experience... I weep for your students :þ


I whole heartily agree, I am 63 years old and could not even find epoch in my spanish to english dictionary


Strange word choice. Sure, it is a word in English, but it's not a common one. Looking it up, apparently it's a time longer than an age, but shorter than a period.


Wikipedia gives the following SIX possible uses of the word epoch as relating to a certain span of time.

Epoch (reference date), a moment in time chosen as the origin of a particular era Epoch (geology) or geologic epoch, a span of time smaller than a "period" and larger than an "age" Epoch (cosmology) or cosmologic epoch, a phase in the development of the universe since the Big Bang Epoch (astronomy), a moment in time used as a reference for the orbital elements of a celestial body Epoch (race), racial periods in Blavatsky's esoteric theory of the root races Epoch, a step in the training process of an artificial neural network

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