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  5. "The bread, the apple"

"The bread, the apple"

Translation:Bánh mì, táo

August 3, 2016



At the beginning you refused "tao" as translation of "apple" and put "qua tao" as correct answer. And now, you put "tao" as translation and refuse "qua tao". Come on !! Be consistent !!! >_<


shouldn't "trai tao" work for apple? i'm going through these as a netive (admittedly, southern) vietnamese speaker, and i don't understand why trai tao wouldn't work as a translation for the apple ;w; of course, i'm not the best at my own language, so someone please correct me!


Yeah, they seem to be mixing Southern (e.g. trà for chè) and Northern elements (e.g. quả ?for trái).


i wrote it right but there was no accent and why doesn't Bánh mì, qua táo work and i am a vietnamese person and they are correcting me?!?!?!?!?!


I agree "the apple" needs a "the": i'm not sure if it's "quả " or "trái" but it needs something!


Yea, why is there no word representative of "THE"???

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