"You are an interesting woman."

Translation:Jesteś ciekawą kobietą.

August 3, 2016

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I thought this would be ciekawą kobietę?

Isn't this how accusative works? Or maybe this is not accusative?

But it looks like kobieta is a direct object of verb lubić?



It is instrumental. the verb here is być/jesteś not "lubić". Direct object of "być" is usually in instrumental, although the issue is complicated, you can read more here


In some of the exercises the formal pan/pani/państwo forms have appeared. For that reason here I tried "Pani jest ciekawą kobietą" and it was rejected.


Yes, that's a problem that most of the sentences with "you" don't accept the formal versions although they should. But to add it everywhere would be an enormous job. Anyway, your sentence is perfectly fine, and I added the formal version here.


Pani to ciekawa kobieta was rejected . Can to be used together with the formal you?


It doesn't sound good to me. It's almost like a pronoun, in a way - and we reject the versions with a personal pronoun + 'to'.

Although I wouldn't be surprised if some other native disagreed with me now. Still, I think we'd agree that "Pani jest" would sound better.

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