"She loves the pandas."

Translation:Cô ấy yêu những con gấu trúc.

August 3, 2016



2 solutions were given. one has pandas as plural. The other has pandas as singular. is this correct? Is pandas singular or plural?

August 3, 2016


I just checked. There's only one answer with plural pandas. I don't see the singular one plus the singular panda is not correct in this case.

August 4, 2016


Where does the "quy" suddenly come from? Is it a classifier for animals?

July 27, 2017


Maybe "quy" also implies a plural since another correct Duolingo answer is "... những con gấu trúc" which uses the standard "con" classifier for animals but with plural "những"?

September 15, 2018


Thanks, will let you know if i come across again

August 5, 2016


translate: She loves the pandas. my answer: Cô ấy yêu những gấu trúc. reply: You used the wrong word. Cô ấy yêu "thương" gấu trúc. translation above in this discussion: Cô ấy yêu những con gấu trúc.

Even the translation given in this discussion matches mine better than the different translation used to correct mine.

August 21, 2017


"the" requires "con"? And it is incorrect if "Pandas are nice."

May 18, 2019
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