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  5. "She loves the pandas."

"She loves the pandas."

Translation:Cô ấy yêu những con gấu trúc.

August 3, 2016



2 solutions were given. one has pandas as plural. The other has pandas as singular. is this correct? Is pandas singular or plural?


I just checked. There's only one answer with plural pandas. I don't see the singular one plus the singular panda is not correct in this case.


Where does the "quy" suddenly come from? Is it a classifier for animals?


Maybe "quy" also implies a plural since another correct Duolingo answer is "... những con gấu trúc" which uses the standard "con" classifier for animals but with plural "những"?


Thanks, will let you know if i come across again


translate: She loves the pandas. my answer: Cô ấy yêu những gấu trúc. reply: You used the wrong word. Cô ấy yêu "thương" gấu trúc. translation above in this discussion: Cô ấy yêu những con gấu trúc.

Even the translation given in this discussion matches mine better than the different translation used to correct mine.

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