"Dolphins are not fish."

Translation:Cá heo không phải là cá.

2 years ago



please can you explain why you cannot say ' ................khong phai con ca'?

2 years ago

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im guessing the la is missing... but it doesnt except it with the la either so not sure why i cant write con ca instead of ca... makes it more accurate with the classifier that im not talking about mugs

2 years ago


"Con cá" means "the fish". What you are looking for is fish in general, which is just "cá" without the classifier.

1 year ago


Watch your accents! There are no shortcuts with those, ESPECIALLY when you're starting out in Vietnamese!

Cái ca = the mug

Con cá = the fish

Cá = fish (in general)

"...không phải là..." is a very common expression to say that "<something> is not <something else>"

Cái này không phải là cái đó.

1 year ago
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