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  5. "Dolphins are not fish."

"Dolphins are not fish."

Translation:Cá heo không phải là cá.

August 3, 2016



please can you explain why you cannot say ' ................khong phai con ca'?


im guessing the la is missing... but it doesnt except it with the la either so not sure why i cant write con ca instead of ca... makes it more accurate with the classifier that im not talking about mugs


"Con cá" means "the fish". What you are looking for is fish in general, which is just "cá" without the classifier.


Watch your accents! There are no shortcuts with those, ESPECIALLY when you're starting out in Vietnamese!

Cái ca = the mug

Con cá = the fish

Cá = fish (in general)

"...không phải là..." is a very common expression to say that "<something> is not <something else>"

Cái này không phải là cái đó.

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