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"Brittany's flag is black and white."

Translation:Du a gwyn ydy lliw baner Llydaw.

August 3, 2016



Why does du mutate to ddu after yn? I thought it was after vowels that they mutate


Mutations occur for a number of reasons though vowels have nothing to do wit it. "yn" when it is a verbal particle causes a soft mutation on nouns and adjectives but not verb-nouns.

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I was marked wrong for putting "Du a gwyn ydy baner Llydaw". Is it necessary to include the word "lliw" in the Welsh even though "colour" isn't in the English sentence?


Nope that should also be an acceptable translation. EDIT: I can't seem to reach the sentence in the incubator and as a result I assume it is a zombie sentence that has yet to disappear.

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