"I am eating."

Translation:Je mange.

February 2, 2013

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why you take down the suis after the je ? i am eating needs to be "je suis mange ! no ?


No, it is not correct, as well as "I am eat" is not correct either.

"I am eating" is a continuous present, formed with verb BE + action verb at the gerund form -ing. It expresses that the action is still in progress at the time you speak.

In French, there is no verbal form equivalent to the English continuous tense.

So, you can translate "I am eating" with "je mange" (no continuity expressed) or use a specific locution "en train de" to keep the notion of continuity : "je suis en train de manger".


In English, "je mange" translates to "I eat" ("I eat apples"), "I am eating"("I am eating an apple") and "I do eat"("I do eat apples")


Miri there is no present continous tense in french.So Je mange is actually means "I eat" but also refers to "I'm eating"


so if the action is still in progress i need to take down the suis that means is?


if the action is in progress, either you say "je mange" (forgetting about the continuity of action) or you say "je suis en train de manger" (exact adaptation of "I am eating")


When use manges?


With "tu" (familiar "you")


What about 'he is eating?' Is it 'Tu mange' or 'Tu es mange'???


he is eating = il mange

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