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"Dragons appear in Vietnamese mythology."

Translation:Rồng xuất hiện trong thần thoại Việt Nam.

August 3, 2016



'Dragons' is plural so isn't 'cac rong.........' be more appropriate?


When used with generalization, in this case, all kinds of dragons, there is no need for a plural indicator. Additionally, plural indicator các/những must be followed by classifier. So các/những con rồng, not các/những rồng


I am thinking from an english speaker point of view. How can i tell that it means 'all kinds of dragons.....' when given this vietnamese sentence.


I will accept both singular and plural then. After all, it's the English sentence that affects this change. In the Vietnamese sentence, you rarely use classifier for this kind of generalization, thus it has to be plural (đàn ông mạnh hơn phụ nữ - men are stronger than women, chó thân thiện hơn mèo - dogs are friendlier than cats...)


I don't think it was all that hard to figure out..

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