"Ki mászik fel erre a fára?"

Translation:Who is climbing up this tree?

August 3, 2016

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Absolutely, "climbing up to this tree" would be something like "climbing up the cliff, to this tree" - "felmászik ehhez a fához".


Also, I don't think "climbing up to" is correct English in any circumstances.


"They are climbing up to the platform"? Sounds reasonable to me - the movement is up and the destination is the platform which is located at the top of something.


I stand corrected. Still, this is quite a bit different situation, where the destination is not related to the thing one is climbing up.


the meaning in english is not clear. It could be climbing up the tree like in the Hungarian sentence, or climbing up TO (maybe a rock) to reach this tree. (not to climb up the tree). This is a big difference.


I am hugely indebted to vvsey for quick and understandable responses. I don't much like ebbe, abba, ahhoz, ehhez, arra, erre, ezekre, azokra but after the first 2 lessons at grade 0 I can see the pattern and the need for consistency between one part of the sentence and the other. Thank you!


You are very welcome, and good luck! There are some rough patches ahead, make sure you do not despair.


I despair about twice a week on this course..I've seen somewhere else that it's going to be hard going ahead! I'd love to know how many starters have actually finished !


https://duome.eu/hu as at 3/1/21 of 9096 people, 1066 (12%) got their Golden Owl (finished to level 1) and 129 (1.4%) took their trees to level 5.


I think it should be "onto", or better still "into"; is this wrong?


My sentence was accepted: Who is climbing up onto this tree?


OK, I got the answer right but it all looks crazy. Erre means this way and arra means that way. Ez a fa means this tree. Do you mean to say that we now have to say erre when describing climbing this tree as opposed to simply identifying it?


There are words in Hungarian, like there are in English, as well, that mean different different things in different situations.
Here, "erre" does NOT mean "this way".

Here, we have:

"Ez a fa" - this tree,

which, when we add the "onto" suffix, becomes:

"Erre a fára" - onto this tree.


Crawls not accepted?


How am i supposed to get the 'a' before fara when she doesnt enunciate it?


I can hear it now, but I didn't a few months ago. Don't despair!


Why not "onto" ? i reported it


My sentence was accepted: Who is climbing up onto this tree?

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