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  5. "This is deep pink?"

"This is deep pink?"

Translation:Đây là màu hồng đậm ư?

August 3, 2016



Would "Đây có màu hồng đậm không?" be acceptable?


Can I use 'ư' at the end of a question with everybody or only to same/lower range (sorry for that but you know what I mean)/junger people? Is 'ạ' only a respect particle at the end of a sentence or can I use it by questions while speaking with higher range/older people?


I think using the sentence "Đây là màu hồng đậm à?" is okay in this case.


"Is this deep pink? " Auxiliary verbs go before subjects in English questions.


Đây là màu hồng đậm? Cạn lời với bọn Doulingo máy móc này.


I used Nay instead of Day, is that acceptable?


What did DL say? If the question was in English (=This is deep pink?), you may litterally translate into _Đây là màu hồng đậm, phải không/ư?, also a statement turned into a question.

Is this (color) deep pink? would be Đây/Màu này có phải là màu hồng đậm không?

In fact, này comes after the noun it belongs and means this (demonstrative) and i.e màu hồng đậm này would mean _this deep pink (this special one).

(ở) đây means in this place/here/there, is an adverb, it often comes at the end of the sentence like in Có nhà vệ sinh ở đây không? (Is there a toilet here?), but also at the beginning of a statement, i. e. ở đây (có) rất nhiều người! ergo_many people here!. In English, the better translation would mostly be here/there is/are = đây là/có in Vietnamese.


What is ư used for?


It is an interrogative particle at the end of a question, meaning hm?, something like that... Quite common when casual speaking with your peers or younger people. There are many such interjections and expressions in vietnamese (right=đúng không? isn't=phải không? etc)

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