"Interesuję się chemią."

Translation:I am interested in chemistry.

August 3, 2016

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What case is 'chemia' in? Could anybody please tell me how to say 'I am interested in psychology and linguistics'


Instrumental. If you're interested in something, that's Instrumental.

Interesuję się psychologią i lingwistyką/językoznawstwem.

Don't forget that there are no such things as silent "p" in Polish ;)

[deactivated user]

    The female voice version sounds like a question to me. The male voice version is definitely a statement. Does anyone else hear the female voice asking as a question?


    Yes. The intonation is generally a big problem of the TTS. The male voice is newer, and for this reason more advanced, but it's also not free of faults.


    I'm the one who knocks!


    I wrote "Interesuje się chemią", thinking of 3rd person, she or he is interested. Is this phonetically ambiguous, or can a native speaker clearly tell first person from third person (referrring to interesowac, I mean)?


    For many, many verbs, the 1st person singular and 3rd person singular (-ę vs -e endings) are basically identical phonetically, unless someone tends to pronounce -ę very, very clearly (which would be rather considered a mistake).

    The context usually should make it obvious, but technically yes, those can be mistaken.

    I guess the system accepted your answer 'with a typo', but I will request adding this to the list of homophones, as your answer deserves to be simply accepted, without any typo indications.

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