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  5. A bug in colors?


A bug in colors?

I can't seem to progress through colors. Each time I click on Colors I have a star against translating "El look de Leticia Dolera" which I have translated at least three times now. The last time I did it, I got a message saying I had learned Prepositions! Something isn't right!!

February 28, 2012



I've had that issue as well, and even though you translate the same web page again, you don't earn points. However, if there's some element in a future unlocked lesson present in the translation, those points are attributed to that lesson. That may be why you "learned" Prepositions before you even got to it !


Thanks ricainrico for that. I pushed on translating sentences that were different to the one they kept asking me to translate and eventually, I managed to Master Colors. Thank goodness. And Learned Prepositions along the way for free!

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