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  5. "יש לי הרבה בגדים בארון."

"יש לי הרבה בגדים בארון."

Translation:I have a lot of clothes in the closet.

August 3, 2016



Is there a different way of saying "I have lots of clothes in the cupboard"?


In English, "lots of" and "a lot of" are identical.


Yes - I just wondered whether there were different ways of saying it in Hebrew, since I translated הרבה as 'lots of' rather than 'a lot of' and was marked as incorrect.


well.. personally I would translates "lots of" as "המון" [ha-mon] and "a lot" as "הרבה" [har-be'] (and vice versa). המון is more than הרבה, it's like "הרבה of הרבה" (and that was one of the most strange things I have ever said or wrote)


I'm sorry but המון does NOT mean "many". It means "a crowd" (of people).


it is the origin of the word as המון cmes from thw root ה.מ.י/ה, but as the word became more and more common (as "a lot of noise" or "many peaople") it began to describe "a lot"\"many" of other things. you can read about the expansion of the meaning of המון here: http://hebrew-academy.org.il/2011/01/23/%D7%A7%D7%95%D7%9C-%D7%94%D7%9E%D7%95%D7%9F/ (fourth paragraph)


Does this also refer to a "closet," namely is a recessed hole built into the wall of a home, possibly with a door, or does it only refer to a "wardrobe," namely a standalone piece of furniture serving a similar purpose?


we dont have diffrent names for them, so.. yeah


Why can't you say: I have a lot of clothing in the closet? It was marked wrong.


I know that in English clothing can mean garments, so I am not fully sure of my answer, but intuitively, I would have translate it as הלבשה [hal-ba-sha] or לבוש [le-vush] which is slightly different than just בגדים.


I translated this as "I have a lot of clothes in a closet" and it was marked wrong. Why does it translate as "the" if there is no ה?


When a word begins with one of אותיות היחס ("letters of ratio") - wich are כל"ב - and the word (or object) is definite then ה"א הידוע does not appear, but the ratio latter gets the Niqqud that was supposed to be of the ה"א. e.g. כְּ+הַיּוֹם > כַּיּוֹם; בְּ+הַבַּיִת > בַּבַּיִת; לְ+הַיֶּלֶד > לַיֶּלֶד.


Yesh li harbe b’gadim ba-aron.

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