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  5. "שפת האם שלנו היא עברית."

"שפת האם שלנו היא עברית."

Translation:Our mother tongue is Hebrew.

August 3, 2016



Although really, in my mind it's always gonna be the mama loshen :)


Where does האם in this expression come from?


The word for "mother" in Hebrew is originally אם (em). As a result of influence from Aramaic, the more used form now is אמא (ima), but אם is still used in formal speech and in constructs and expressions.


Ahhh, that's interesting! That will help me remember this construction, thanks!


תודה רבה :)


I thought it was their mother's language


Their mother's language would be השפה של אמא I believe, but that's a different thing from "mother tongue". Usually, one would share a mother tongue with one's parents, but not necessarily. שפת אם is specific to one's mother or native tongue, it doesn't (necessarily) mean the language one's mother speaks.


What's the question? A mother's language is the language of the mother. A mother tongue is a native language. Example: my mother's languages are Yiddish and English. My mother tongue is English. (Personally I think tongue sounds weird, and instead just say native language: my native language is American English).


Without the definite article, the smichut שפת אם translates to "mother language" or "mother tongue". With the definite article, שפת האם translates to "the mother language" or "the mother tongue".

2020-07-23 rich739183


Is that spelled the same way as the word at the beginning of a (formal) question?


Yes, but pronounced differently. (ha'em vs. ha'im).


... a sentance no one taking this course will ever need to say...

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