"Dad and mom?"

Translation:אבא ואמא?

August 3, 2016

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Is ו always pronounced as a "v" sound?


The ו can be pronounced in three different ways, depending on the vowel marks (which are rarely shown on Duolingo, only to clarify alternate spellings). A plain ו makes the "v". One with a dot in the middle (וּ) makes an "oo" sound like "glue". One with a dot on top (וֹ) makes an "oh" sound like "no".


Originally ו was pronounced [w] like the English /w/. Because [w] is the consonantic u, like [j] is the consonantic i, י and ו are used for [i]/[e] and [u]/[o]. In modern Hebrew the [w] sound became a [v] sound. Before, the name of the letter was pronounced wow.


Dont have Hebrew keyboard. What do i do?


Go to yoyr keyboard seetings and add Hebrew


I did, but still can t change it when i write


Aba ve ima? is the transliteration.


Why i can't use "haim" in this sentence?


Why, I think it is a yes-and-no question. (What other answer can there be, if this is a question?)

If I were DL I think I'd accept it, but it does sound strange - האם is formal, while it's hard to think of "?אבא ואמא" in a formal setting - due to both the partial sentence and the less-than-formal words אבא and אמא.


When does one use או and when only ו


The first means 'or' the second means 'and'. Use accordingly


I don't think there's a hard-and-fast rule, unfortunately. Just like asking when do you use c or k in English? You just learn the spellings of words. Just from my observation, though, או is mostly at the starts of words. Few words start with just an וּ. Hope that helps :)


Well they are two different things או means or and ו before a word means and

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What is the question mark doing at the end of this line?


Duolingo wants to spice up your life by giving you not only declarative sentences, but questions as well! Oh the suspense, the doubt, the drama!


I do not have a Hebrew keyboard, you should offer to speak instead!!!!

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I use the virtual keyboard provided by Google Translate.

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