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  5. "השמיכות נמצאות בארון התחתון."

"השמיכות נמצאות בארון התחתון."

Translation:The blankets are in the bottom closet.

August 3, 2016



As a speaker of British English I am not at all sure what a 'closet' is, let alone a 'bottom closet'. (I know what a water closet is, and what is meant by coming out of the closet, but that's it)

Is this what I would call the 'bottom drawer' of a 'chest of drawers' ?

Or are there two 'cupboards' here, one on top of the other ?


It's a cupboard. Yes, two cupboards one on top of the other, or one cupboard divided mid-height with two separate doors.


As a speaker of American English, based on your description, I'd say that the blankets are in "the lower cabinet." (I found "the bottom closet" weird too.)


As a native speaker of American English, I would definitely say "cabinet."


As an American English speaker, a closet is a small room. So blankets my be at the bottom of the closet. And it would be weird to put blankets in a cabinet.


To put it simply: it means "the lower"?


If you're not going to use closet, dresser, armoire or wardrobe works better for linens and clothing. (Unless you actually keep them in an actual cabinet - like a kitchen, bathroom or filling cabinet).

No one uses cabinet for sheets or clothing, unless they're in a tiny studio apartment, and prone to using their oven for book storage, because they have so little space. Then sure, the blanket might be next to your cereal and coffee in the cabinet.

(The exception to this being medical usage - Search blanket warmer cabinet).


I would call any sturdy wooden box with its own door, usually mounted to the wall, a cabinet. Some people have cabinets in the hallway for storing linens. Tiny studio apartment not required.

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