"The engine does work."

Translation:המנוע כן עובד.

August 3, 2016

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Why do I need כן?


For the emphasis that "does" adds in the English sentence.

For example:

המנוע לא עובד!!

המנוע כן עובד!

The engine doesn't work!!

The engine does work!


so, could I write this sentence without "ken"?


No. When you say "doesn't" in English it's just the way of expressing the negative, whereas when you say "does" in a positive statement, it expresses an emphasis which is expressed using "כן" in Hebrew.

Or with the verb "to be", we use voice intonation to express the emphasis:

I am happy! = !אני כן שמח

I don't know if in Italian you can say "si che sono felice", but as you know Spanish, it's like " que estoy feliz".


Si, tmb en Italiano es correcto decir "Si che sono felice". En este caso, seria como decir: "Si che il motore funziona!". Muchas gracias por tu explicacion, especifica para mi idioma! :D


Prego, un piacere :)

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I wrote "המנוע עושה עבודה". That's a totally different meaning of the English sentence.


True, I hadn't considered that. I've added it to the alternative responses.


...okay, I completely understand the emphasis that כן adds, I just wish my brain hadn't erroneously supplied a "not" in the English.

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