"I have fish."

Translation:Mam ryby.

August 3, 2016

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I don`t know the different between ryby and rybę, someone can help?


It's plural vs. singular :)

  • "Mam jedną rybę" = I have one fish
  • "Mam dwie ryby" = I have two... fish/fishes?

Google says both "fish" and "fishes" can be used as plural, but anyway, the point is in Polish it's clear - "jedna ryba", "dwie/trzy/cztery ryby", "pięć ryb" etc.


Ryby is plural and rybę is singular. I don't recall going through any of that earlier :o but this is why I keep doing the practices, I seem to get new stuff.


There hasn't been anything about plural and then this pops up. Well, how, without any explanation, would we know that was plural?


You are right, and this sentence is wrong. "I have fish" should not be the default English sentence, as it denotes plural 'fish'. It shouldn't be even accepted. I don't know how I haven't understood it before...

The default English sentence will now be "I have a fish", and therefore only singular option will be accepted in Polish.


okay, but for english the plural and singular of fish is fish (i know fishes is used by some, but obviously not duolingo) , so how was I supposed to know to translate it plural? Mam rybę and Mam ryby should both be correct.


Actually both are.

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