"Now I need to find a new job!"

Translation:עכשיו אני צריכה למצוא עבודה חדשה!

August 3, 2016

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Is there a better translation than עבודה ?


(noformat) עבודה is the commonly used word for "job", as well as for "work". We also sometimes use ג'וב.


No. There are some contexts where you can use other words, but they are more rare and עבודה is always appropriate.

Examples of other words for job:

  • I am a candidate for a new job/position: אני מועמד למשרה חדשה
  • I've always wanted this job/position: תמיד רציתי את הג'וב הזה. Caveat: This can be used in a military context (when talking about non-combat positions, usually laid-back ones), or in general as a way of talking about easy jobs. I wouldn't use ג'וב to denote a general job in any context.


Why cant you use אני צריך


Is it not accepted?

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