"We will go to Atlanta."

Translation:Ми будемо їхати у Атланту.

August 3, 2016

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їхати в Атланту is incorrect??


Actually, it is the correct answer. "В" should be used between two vowels, which is the case here.


Correct traslation is: Ми поїдемо в Атланту.


Since the first person plural, of the future tense of "to be" in Ukrainian, «будемо», is a unique conjugation, why is it incorrect to omit the pronoun «ми»? Ми будемо and just будемо are equally understood.


All conjugations of "бути" in the future tense are unique. Theoretically, you could omit the personal pronoun without losing any information. However, some grammatical rules just describe an established usage, a tradition without any inherent logic. In Ukrainian, we usually do not omit personal pronouns.


What I meant by unique was that буду, будеш, будемо, будете can only be Я, ти, ми, ви, and are understood without using these pronouns. Буде and будуть are ambiguous by themselves, without context.


I would say instead "Ми поїдемо в Атланту" which has the right meaning.

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