"Nie mam młodszego brata."

Translation:I do not have a younger brother.

August 3, 2016

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The "mam" in the audio sounds more like "mamy".


I hear the same. I translated this sentence only by listening to the audio and, of course, got the mistake message.


What you are hearing is the 'm' being pronounced twice -- that is actually correct.

In Polish you don't collapse all the similar consonants in a cluster into one short sound the way we do in English. Think about the word "baggage" in English -- the "gg" is pronounced as one "g". Or think about the word "button" -- only one "t" is pronounced.

Now think about "lekki" (light) and "leki" (medications) sound in Polish. If you don't remember, go back and review those lessons. You'll hear two distinct "k"s in "lekki", but only one in "leki".

Or compare "pana" (gen/acc of "sir") and "panna" (refers to the Virgin Mary in the Polish Christmas carol, "Dzisiaj w Betlejem"). The first time I heard a young girl singing the song, I remarked to a Polish friend that the "n"s in "panna" seemed so long... and that's when I finally realized that I was supposed to pronounce all the consonants, lol :-)

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Yes, and I find it is the same with vowels. When I still had Polish lessons we asked our teacher why she says na--uczyciel, almost like with a hamz/glottal stop in between, whereas we were inclined to "diphtongise" it more (like in our native language). She was surprised and couldn't really tell a difference.


I have no younger brother should be accepted, shouldn't it?


Należy jeszcze raz nagrać to zdanie, bo uczy złej wymowy. To duża różnica między mam a mamy.


To nie nagranie, tylko syntezator mowy. Właśnie zablokowałem ćwiczenia ze słuchu.


For a non native English speaker, it's annoying when the program gives you the red light when you forget the word "a".... Well at the same time this is an English course.


In English, all nouns use an article if there is no noun determiner used (this, that, some, any, no, etc.), or if it is a plural indefinite noun. (There is no plural for "a.")


Or for most proper nouns.

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