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"Musik ist sehr wichtig für die Entwicklung von Kindern."

Translation:Music is very important for the development of children.

February 5, 2014



I like it when DL gives me long sentences like this that require me to think and use a bunch of my older vocab.


What about "Music is very important for the development of the children"?


Still not accepted in August 2021... It should not be rejected for the sole reason that there is no article in the German sentence! It's anequivalent way to say it in English, so that should suffices!


Is it possible to use the genitive? Would it then be like this: "…für die Entwicklung der Kinder" ?


Yes. von can be used to replace the genitive case when possession is involved.


When does one use "Kindern" and when does one use "Kinder"? I would have thought this sentence used "Kinder."



Dec 23, 2015 - In this sentence, 'Kindern' is the object of the dative preposition 'von'. The dative plural of German nouns ends in -n. If the nominative plural is without an -n, you add one.


Simple explanation. Thanks!


Wait a minute, that should be 'von', not 'für'. I will correct that...


I appreciate the date beginning your post. I wonder why Duo doesn't automatically do that.


Duo does do that, at least on the web version. Just place the mouse cursor over the the elapsed time info.

For example, your post:
Reply Report Give Lingot • 2 years ago <- "May 17, 2019"


Why "the" children is wrong?


Because von just means of, not of the, which in the plural would be der (= von den):

  • die Entwicklung von Kindern - the development of children
  • die Entwicklung der Kinder - the development of the children


would "Music is very important TO the development of children." be accepted?

[deactivated user]

    It's fine. Please report it if it's not accepted.


    i used for, but i was just wandering : P, thanks mate


    I was just wondering around, wandering if you were 'wondering'.


    Arrrrgh! Die Entwicklung was education in a previous lesson!


    Don't think so. Entwicklung has always been development, but could also mean evolution in the context of Pokemon :P


    This sentence seems very odd to me. I'd have written "Musik ist sehr wichtig für die Entwicklung der Kinder." Is that wrong? When do we avoid Genitive case?


    There's nothing odd about this sentence. It's correct to say Entwicklung der Kinder, but this would lose the indefiniteness, and would translate to development of the children. In that case, it would be incorrect to say Entwicklung von den Kindern, although that's common in casual speech.

    If a noun stands alone, you need a von to express the relation, as genitive attributes must be carried by an article, adjective, pronoun, etc.:

    • der Geschmack Weines - incorrect
    • der Geschmack von Wein - correct
    • der Geschmack roten Weines - correct


    • das Fällen Bäume - incorrect
    • das Fällen von Bäumen - correct
    • das Fällen großer Bäume - correct


    Oh! Thank you very much!

    However, I've seen "Der Höchtse Berg Afrikas" and not "Der Höchste Berg von Afrika". Is there this variation found with proper nouns?


    Yes, that's actually the only exception. If you wanted to say Germany's forests, the hometown of Goethe (significant name) or Anna's book (insignificant name), you'd have three choices for each:

    • Deutschlands Wälder (correct)
    • die Wälder Deutschlands (correct)
    • die Wälder von Deutschland (correct)


    • Goethes Geburtsstadt (correct)
    • die Geburtsstadt Goethes (correct)
    • die Geburtsstadt von Goethe (correct)


    • Annas Buch (correct)
    • das Buch Annas (unusual)
    • das Buch von Anna (colloquial; not incorrect, but questionable)

    Just like in English, possessors with "significance" would often be placed after the possessum. If you asked your friend where's the book of Anna? (wo ist das Buch Annas?), they'll either look at you funny, or think that you're talking about the book of someone well-known and important, whereas there would be nothing strange about saying the hometown of Goethe (die Geburtsstadt Goethes/die Geburtsstadt von Goethe). I hope I haven't confused you too much.


    So, let's assume a random Robert on the streets of Berlin.

    • Der Geburtstag Angela Merkels - correct.
    • Der Geburtstag von Angela Merkel - correct.
    • Angela Merkels Geburtstag - correct

    • Roberts Geburtstag - correct

    • Der Geburtstag Roberts - Komisch
    • Der Geburtstag von Robert - Sehr Komish.



    It's all good, except for the last one. I mean that not everyone would consider it correct in this case, it's often considered to just be colloquial (it's actually quite common).


    I would like to add that a genitive with definite article may well be used in a general "indefinite" sense: "Ich liebe den Duft der Blumen und das Rauschen des Windes" does not refer to specific flowers or a specific wind, and "die Entwicklung der Kinder" does not necessarily refer to specific children.


    ... wie sagt man so schön... "Musik wird als störend oft empfunden, weil sie mit Geräusch verbunden!!!"


    I had all the words fixed in thier correct place. Just clicked check and It was accepted. Why is it this way?


    There is a word missing from the word bank each time, so that I can not answer it correctly ("the" was missing, then "development")


    Put "to" the development. Makes sense, but was not accepted.


    Kann ich hier den Dativ benutzen?

    „Musik ist der Entwicklung sehr wichtig.“


    "... für die Entwicklung der Kindern"

    Is this wrong?


    Könnte man hier auch Musik ist sehr wichtig für (die) Kindernentwicklung. sagen?


    Why is wrong: Music is really important for the development of children

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