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"הבן שלי כותב טקסטים לראש הממשלה."

Translation:My son writes texts for the Prime Minister.

August 4, 2016



How would you say writes texts to the prime minister


The same way. This sentence is ambiguous. If you wanted to disambiguate, you could say עבור ראש הממשלה, making it definitely "for". But I can't think how you would make it definitely "to".

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בני כותב טקסטים אל ראש הממשלה


Would bishvil work as well?

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bishvil is definitely 'for' rather than 'to'


I think בשביל would work.


Unless you add וראש הממשלה קורא אותם ונהנה מהם OR וראש הממשלה עסוק מדי לקרוא אותם OR something else... you get the idea


Would the ambiguity be resolved by changing the verb to לשלוח?


And how would ambiguity be resolved by the verb לשלוח? If he is sending them, that's something totally different than writing them. I'm not sure what exactly you mean.


Point taken. I think I was working from the assumption that the person who writes to X would also send the material to X. However, I guess that one cannot assume that the person who sends would also have been the author.


Does this also mean writing speeches? Or memos or policy papers, maybe? (I don't know exactly what it means to say "writes texts for the prime minister")

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In the last 10-20 years, "texts" can be used to mean text messages, and is SMS, iMessage, or other apps. However, this meaning of "text" is not common in Hebrew.

Yes, it can mean the text of speeches or memos, but you would usually say that. It is a strange sentence.

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