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  5. "אני שותֶה שתי כוסות בירה."

"אני שותֶה שתי כוסות בירה."

Translation:I drink two glasses of beer.

August 4, 2016



What is the difference between שתי and שתיים? When do you use each?


I have the same doubt. If someone could clarify this, I would be happy :)


It should say in the tips and notes. Please read them for a fuller understanding of how the numbers works.

Shtaim is the number by itself and shtei is when it precedes a number of things.

How many cows do you have? כמה פרות יש לך?

Two. שתיים.

I have two cows. יש לי שתי פרות.


Where do you get tips and notes?


You only get them when you're using the desktop version unfortunately (they aren't in the app). If you're using the desktop version, once you click on a lesson there's a lightbulb next to the 'begin lesson' button. They're definitely worth checking out for each lesson, even if you normally use the app


All the words with audio are here I'm learning Hebrew Duolingo vocab on Memrise! http://www.memrise.com/course/1031737/ (So recommend! I did the memrise Hebrew alphabet course too, I'll list it below)

The whole course tips and notes are here (and the site has one for each Duolingo language): ,organized by skill individually: http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Hebrew

Or organized by skill in one pdf for the whole course: https://www.docdroid.net/JnfmyEV/tipsnotesbackup.pdf

Replace your username where mine is for information on your progress, etc: https://duome.eu/teribleteri/progress for progress and tips/notes set up by skill... etc


Thanks for your reply! I tried through the App and it just cancels any attempt to download. Will try through the website.


It just worked, through the website! Thanks :-)


I don't think the docdroid link works anymore...


Ninon, I just checked, it still works. Did you click on the link through the app or how did you try to access it? If you're still having trouble I can send it (post) as a Samsung share link.


No problem, I've seen someone else have this issue through the app as well. Glad to help!


Two glasses of beer is not an option for me, just two beers. I would think this should be translated more literally to distinguish from two bottles of beer, no?


I agree, I've just fixed this.



It shows two glasses of beer ... Was this supposed to have changed?

*(is there a rule for when bet is used as "of" /when " in something" is used as English uses of something?

Is your username a flying book?


Two glasses of beer is fine.

Not entirely sure about the second question but the ב in בירה is not a preposition, the word is bira.

Aire libre is Spanish for open air.


Yeah I caught that after thanks.. I was thinking of the skills before. I had a mental hiccup. Thanks for the answers and quick response!! (I wonder if there's a relationship /root to books & opening...)


What about אני שותה שתי בירות?


That would mean "I am drinking 2 beers"


I gotta say I find it silly and obnoxious that people downvoted legitimate questions. It's like trolls or bratty children. Ask questions if you have them.


How would one say "both glasses of beer", rather than "two glasses of beer"?


We don't have a separate word for "both", the difference between "two glasses" and "both glasses" in Hebrew is that the latter is definite: שתי כוסות / שתי הכוסות.

And then of course את is added because definite direct object: אני שותה את שתי הכוסות.

Now the construct in definite has two forms: the correct form, and the form we actually use, knowing it to be incorrect, to avoid social ridicule. The correct form is כוסות הבירה. The form that is used is almost always הכוסות בירה. So either say אני שותה את שתי כוסות הבירה and risk sounding very formal, or אני שותה את שתי הכוסות בירה.


Great explanation. But beware that we will not accept הכוסות בירה and other such constructions in the course. Only כוסות הבירה.


A very in-depth answer, thank you!


Very in-depth answer indeed. However, I'd just add that there are still corners of Israel where the formal version would be happily accepted without any social ridicule and the incorrect one would meet the ridicule. Just come hang out with the "yekim" (Jews of German descent) in Haifa.


שתי כוסות הבירה


So, the answer "I am drinking both cups of beer" does not work? According to the definition on the dropdown, שתי can mean both, as well as two. Why isn't it working? Also, why is there no "of" in Hebrew between כוסות בירה?


Both is definite. That is, both cups = the two cups.

That would be שתי הכוסות.

There's no "of" in Hebrew between כוסות בירה because that's the way it is. Many languages (Arabic, Russian, etc.) don't require the word "of" in phrases like "cup of xyz", "bowl of xyz".


Got it. Thanks for clarifying!


How would you answer, do you want this or that, when the answer is both. i.e. Do you want ice cream or fruit? In English if you say yes, it's considered almost jokingly...


Both in that sense would be גם וגם. It doesn’t make much sense when translated literally.


Also and also, but as one phrase. Huh. Thanks!


Either גם וגם or שתיהן/שניהם.


How can I have made a typo in the vowels when we aren't typing vowels?


Could they add url links in the app, or search for "" in the discussions. I'd like to copy these answers but I cannot in the app and you can't easily search for the answers either. Even if I try to search for things I wrote and just use my username and words they barely show up.

To try something new in case this isn't an option:


(To see how searchable it really is).


So כּוֹס is feminine!!

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