"A fán sok szép alma van."

Translation:There are lots of nice apples on the tree.

August 4, 2016



I had only "in" the tree suggested here, but the apples are on the tree not in, in my opinion, may I report it next time?

March 29, 2017


yes, on the tree is better than in the tree

April 18, 2017


Maybe I should just report this, but I can't tell whether this is wrong, or I'm missing something.

I wrote: "Many nice apples are on the tree." It was rejected, and two alternative translations were offered:

• Many beautiful apples are on the tree. • There are many nice apples on the tree.

Is there a reason that "nice" only goes with the second construction, and "beautiful" only goes with the first? That seems unlikely, but I thought I should check first.


August 4, 2016


No reason at all, they should be added. So many variations, we need to keep reporting them.

August 4, 2016


Thank you. The only way I know how to report problems is when I get a wrong answer, I can click "Report this" at the bottom of the page. But I don't want to go back and do that whole exercise so I can get to the one with that error. Are there other ways to get to the reporting page?

August 5, 2016


Not that I know of, unfortunately. But some of these problems happen more than once. So you can report it next time you encounter a similar situation. I wish there was a better way.

August 5, 2016


Take a screen shot and send it with a bug report. Not the way they prefer but when I am in your shoes I do that. And you can send around 4 screen shots ar a time. They will see what you wrote and if they agree with your translation they will send you a reply thanking you for the suggestion. You can’t reply back to those emails, which also suggest sending a screenshot ( it is a form letter) so just ignore that. I have tried to send 8 but that was too many. 4 or 5 seems ok.

August 11, 2018


Pretty apples? Anyone else find that strange?

November 26, 2016


Szép can also mean "nice."

November 26, 2016


"Many beautiful apples are on the tree" and "There are many nice apples on the tree" are correct. Why is "Many nice apples are on the tree" not correct? I reported it.

December 6, 2016


"Nice" and "on" why not accept?

February 14, 2017



September 16, 2016
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