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  5. "הכלב לא יושב ליד החתול."

"הכלב לא יושב ליד החתול."

Translation:The dog is not sitting next to the cat.

August 4, 2016



Ho-ho, I got the the vocalist on this one. Normally they use the formal pronunciation, which is "hechatul", but here he says "hachatul", which is the way it is commonly pronounced by the general, uneducated populace.


Okay so the cat is not a direct object in those sentence then? Because the dog is doing the action, right?


I believe that cat is not an object here at all, not even indirect, it's a part of the location description, ליד החתול.


Ahh, thanks. Grammar is not my strong point even in English, appaerently and I seem to be adding "את" when it isn't needed and forgetting it when it is some of the time with Hebrew.


You'll get used to it. :-)

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