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  5. "יש לכם ציפורים?"

"יש לכם ציפורים?"

Translation:Do you have birds?

August 4, 2016



By just listening, I heard, 'There's bread, birds?' and couldn't figure it out until I remembered that יש goes with ל, and that bread is לחם, not לכם.


לכם is you plural


לכם is you plural


yesh lakhem tziporim ?


i do not know identificate when a sentence is a questiion or not, somebody help me , hi i am from brazil


It's just like in Brazilian Portuguese (eu também sou brasileiro): the difference is in the intonation. The word order doesn't change in order to form a question.


In German "einen Vogel haben" (to have a bird) means to have bats in the belfry or to have a screw loose, so this questions sounds hilarious to Germans.


There used to be in Hebrew יש לו ציפורים בראש in this sense. Was already a bit outdated when I was kid in the '70s. What remained is this lovely song, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whhcXg39aW4.


Could it be "Do you have any birds?" or would that be a different sentence?


That would be slightly different. I'd say - יש לכם ציפורים כלשהן?


Why is the plural of bird masculine (based on the suffix "ים-") when the pronouns and verbs associated with bird are feminine?


The word ציפור is one of the exceptional feminine nouns that get an ים- plural. According to the discussion in another sentence of this lesson, there are about 15 such nouns, and about 150 masculine nouns that get a ות- plural.


Hi! Someone could help me to understand what's the difference between for example: ציפורים with just one yod and ציפוריים with two. The first one sounds like ziporim and the second ziporaim? I got it, but still what's the relation or difference?


Well, the word for bird, צִפּוֹר, forms its plural as צִפּוֹרִים birds. There is no and has never been a dual form #צִפּוֹרַ֫יִם#. There is a adjective צִפּוֹרִי birdlike with an plural צִפּוֹרִיִּים like in זֶה דִּינוֹזָאוּר בַּ֫עַל שְׁתֵּי רַגְלַ֫יִם וּמְאַפְיְנִים צִפּוֹרִיִּים this is a dinosaur with two legs and bird features. This word is also used in baby talk as צִפּוֹרִי birdy, so maybe you heard birds versus birdies in the same context.


Oh! Now I got it. Thanks pal!!


Can someone PLEEEEESSEEEE put up a link or explain this pronouns... I am NOT getting them in my head, keep confusing him, they\them, preety much all of them except לי, לך, thank you


Be sure to check the tips and notes (available only on the web version).



On that note, ציפור has a male plural but the verbs conjugated in the female plural... is the noun actually female or was it an error?


Yes, ציפור is feminine. It has irregular plural, and it's not the only one. There are others, too, just like there are masculine nouns whose plural ends in ות.

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