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  5. "bore dydd Llun"

"bore dydd Llun"

Translation:Monday morning

August 4, 2016



the "ll" in "llun" is a soft mutated "l", right? what is mutating it?


No, ll does not mutate to l - it is the other way round.

There is a table of soft mutations in the course notes. There are also many on the web such as:

To find the course notes generally, go to https://forum.duolingo.com/topic/924/hot and see 'Course tips and notes'. The 'duome' link there is useful for browsing all the notes in one place. We recommend reading the notes for each new section as you start it.


No "l" never mutates to "Ll". (In fact the opposite can occur "ll" becomes "l" e.g "Dy+Llyfr" becomes "Dy lyfr"="Your book".


Is the letter u in Welsh always prounced like the English "ee?


It can also be pronounced like the ''i'' in bit, but it depends on the dialect.


If ''ll'' is considered a single letter, why is only the first ''l'' capitalised?


That is just the way that the form has evolved over the centuries. It is the same with all the digraphs (two-character letters) in Welsh.

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