"I do not like these women."

Translation:Nem szeretem ezeket a nőket.

August 4, 2016

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'nem szeretem ezek nőket' where have I gone wrong with this translation? why do I need the 'et' and 'a' ? Thanks


"These women" - "Ezek a nők"

This is just how it goes in Hungarian. With this/that/these/those, you always add the definite article. That's the rule.

And when you put it all in the acccusative, as you have to in this sentence, both words ("ezek" and "nők") get conjugated.

"Ezek-et a nők-et".


Got it thanks


Doesn't Nem szeretem ezeket a nőket mean I don't LOVE these women? I put Nem tetszenek ezek a nők and it didn't pass as correct.


"Nem szeretem" can be both "I don't like" and "I don't love".

"Nem tetszenek" is not necessarily the same as "nem szeretem". For example, it is possible that you don't like a beautiful looking woman. Other than that, maybe it should be acceptable as an alternative.


What must you put 'szeretem' and not 'szeretek'


because these women = ezeket a nőket are definite objects, so we use the definite conjugation, whereas I don't like women = nem szeretek nőket


However, I think 'I don't like women' is a general statement, so I think you'd have to say "Nem szeretek a nőket"? Can someone correct me if i'm wrong?


I think if you said "a nőket", it would have to be "nem szeretem a nőket", because "the women" is definite and needs "szeretem". That's Joeintheory's point. If you read the tips (the light bulb thingy), it explains definite conjugation a bit.


Yes, you are right. Definite conjugation is mostly a syntactical thing, you don't really have to be aware of the semantics. If it looks definite than it's "definite enough".


wouldn't it be "these are the women I don't like"?


Nope. (I wonder who downvotes legitimate questions without answering...)

If I take "these are the women I don't like" word by word, it lacks quite a lot to be a valid Hungarian sentence. It would be like "Ezek a(zok a) nők, akiket nem szeretek/szeretem". So, you need a plural relative pronoun in the accusative, the very least. (Also, tbh both definite and indefinite conjugation sound justifiable for me)


Is "Nem ezeket a nőket szeretem." correct?


It is. "I don't like/love these women but someone else... probably some other women"

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