"Bemegyünk abba parkba és leülünk a tóhoz."

Translation:We are going into that park and sit down by the lake.

August 4, 2016

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"Bemegyünk abba a parkba..." (The article "a" is missing)

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    Yeah, is anyone still monitoring this course? These errors should be ironed out easily, since tons of people must have submitted the correct answer already.


    It does not seem so ;-)

    You can see, when I wrote my comment about that grammatical mistake. There was no correction.

    But maybe we have to be patient. Once or twice a week I get an Email of Duolingo, that they accept now a translation hint, I reported. But I can't remember anymore, when I made those reports ;-)


    The English translation provided here is incorrect.

    "We go into that park and sit down by the lake." Slight variation, worthy of consideration as a correct formulation.

    It was however, flatly rejected.

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    "we are going into that park and sitting down at the lake" was rejected, not sure why. Is there something in Hungarian grammar that prevents "sit" from becoming "sitting" in this sentence?


    No, this version is correct as well.

    There are still a lot of sentences which either accept the simple form or the continuous form, but not both as well. And only the course contributers know, why ;-)

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    I'm wondering why this isn't "...leülünk a tónál"?


    This course just flat stinks. There's nothing else to say.. I am using it to review now and it is absolutely destroying what I have learned with stupid sentences, incompetent command of the source language, and dereliction of responsibility to fix errors.


    So why are you continuing? Why do you keep doing something that seems to be harming you more than helping you?


    I've all but given it up. It isn't the focus of my studies anymore, but I did put a lot into it, suffered through the worst of the beta, kept my end up by reporting etc, and now i want to see them step up and fix this. It could have been a good thing. I wont be posting any more.


    It is more usual to say "sit down by the lake" in English - but that is not accepted.


    As others note, both verbs should be either simple or progressive. It sounds wrong to mix the two. And one sits down BY the lake, never AT it. I admit I'm getting tired of memorizing wrong answers in order to progress, but I do somehow feel I'm learning a lot...


    Abba A parkba. And does "sit at the lake" make much sense?

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