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  5. "תחפשו את הממתקים ביחד."

"תחפשו את הממתקים ביחד."

Translation:Search for the candy together.

August 4, 2016





Second person (you) future tense in Modern Hebrew is understood as imperative if it comes without the pronoun. It's almost always so - unless there's no way to interpret the verb as a command.

Open the door = תפתח את הדלת

You will open the door = אתה תפתח את הדלת

When will you open the door? = ?מתי תפתח את הדלת/מתי אתה תפתח את הדלת // notice that there's no way that תפתח is imperative in this context.


OK, now it's coming back. I think this is the first time I have seen it in practice, at least since I have been seeing the future tense. Thanks for your help.

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