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"Nem, nem mész a foltos lóhoz, az nyerít!"

Translation:No, you are not going to the spotted horse, it neighs!

August 4, 2016



When I finish this course I will be be speaking absurd nonsense, but at least it will be grammatically correct.


People in Hungary will love you for it! :)


In all seriousness, DoktorVirag couldnt speak more the truth. I really appreciate the work you guys are doing but if you could take sentences from day-to-day life it would be really good :)


And if I were one of them, I probably would.
But any word is a good word to learn. And it is easy to look up new words. Just replace horse with dog and neighs with bites and you are good to go. And you learned two more words for free. And the grammar stands for both. So, I don't really see a problem with crazy sentences. Sometimes they stick in your mind much easier. And it's not like you have to travel two days to get to a city with a bookstore big enough to carry a Hungarian dictionary. It is all here, under your fingertips. And it's free! What else can you wish for?


az nyérit ??? This is new, and I wouldn't have gotten it without the dictation/word bank. Is there anything on this?
Mi az? - What is that?
Mi ez itt? - What is this here?
So.....technically az nyérit means it neighs or that neighs???


Nyerít As you want it

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