"Your soup is not tasty."

Translation:המרק שלכן לא טעים.

August 4, 2016



Could someone help me out as to why, המרק שלךְ לא טעים. was marked as wrong?

July 11, 2017


report it. "your soup is not tasty" can mean "המרק שלכם לא טעים", "המרק שלכן לא טעים" and "המרק שלך לא טעים" (both feminine and masculin שלך)

July 12, 2017


Thank you.

July 12, 2017


Im confused with שלכם and שלכן. How do you differentiate the two when 'your' can either be masc. or fem.?

October 6, 2016


[masc] your - שֶׁלְּךָ/שלכם, [fem] your - שֶׁלָּךְ/שלכן. when the group is involved you write/speak in the masculine.

January 29, 2017


Why do you have to say מרק טימים? Isn't soup a singular noun?

April 25, 2017


I מרק [ma-rak] is a singular noun and טעים [ta'-im] is the adjective for a masculine singular noun. the masc. plural form of טעים is טעימים [te-i'-mim].

May 7, 2017


Same as Janae above. We can't tell in English whether the "Your" is singular or plural.

July 12, 2017


I find it very annoying. I'm a bookworm and it just drives me crazy when reading EN books, how can one live with the (few pages) existence of a genderless character?! sigh

July 12, 2017


It's a very useful sentence if you really want to impress your girlfriend's mother. Definitely use it during the first dinner you've been invited to :)

August 18, 2018
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