"A fiatal kínai férfi a lengyelek előtt hegedül."

Translation:The young Chinese man is playing the violin in front of the Poles.

August 4, 2016

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polish people are poles


What about playing other instruments?


Could you please explain the correct use of ELOL-ELOTT and MOGOTT-HATUL My apologies for the lack of UMLAUT short and long.Thank you very much.


In case of ELOL can be ELŐL, or ELÖL, both have different meanings. ELŐL (with long umlaut) means 'from in front of sg/sy' while ELÖL (with short umlaut) means quite the same as ELŐTT. MÖGÖTT and HÁTUL also have the same meaning in the daily life. (I am not a language teacher but a native Hungarian who cares about his language.)

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